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8 Reasons to Private Label Hair Products

Are you a salon owner? Cosmetologist? Hair Blogger/Influencer?

Do you happen to have a ton of social media followers and/or clientele? Private labeling might be the way to go if you’re looking to increase visibility within the beauty industry and generate more revenue.

What is private label?

Private label is a product manufactured by a contracted manufacturer such as Envii Haircare. The products are sold under a retailer’s brand name. As a retailer you have the ability to choose the ingredients, determine how it’s packaged, what the label looks like- and pay to have it produced and delivered to your door. The term “private” refers to the confidentiality that is between you and the manufacturer. Have you ever purchased a store brand product (i.e. Sephora, Target or Walmart)? Most items that are purchased have been private labeled. This is why developing a brand that is unique to your client base is a huge step to increase overall success within the industry.

The beauty industry globally is a billion dollar industry. Expansion is optimal for even the smallest of salons and stylists. Creating a private label brand, sets your business apart from the competition.

1. Exclusivity:

Your brand of products will only be sold in your salon or marketplace and not through unapproved channels.

2. Cost and investment:

The use of private label formulas are generally less expensive than spending $1000 to $1500 (minimum) to formulate a product from scratch. That cost doesn’t include producing batches for you to sell or distribute. Choosing a private label formula, gives you the ability to negotiate to purchase it either in stock packaging or provide your own.

3. Time:

Creating formulas from scratch takes a tremendous amount of time and money. There are stability issues, raw material suppliers to be found and negotiated with, packaging to be tested and so much more that goes into creating a formula. In addition, you have to be sure that your formula complies with all FDA regulations. A private label formula has already gone through all the necessary details.

4. Increase Profit Margins:

With competition in the beauty industry being at an all-time high. You set and control the price your products sell for. This allows you to make a greater return on investment. As a stylist, clients will purchase products from your salon in order to maintain and or achieve the style you provided. Having a product line branded by you and for you will keep clients coming back, which boosts demand.

5. Improve Brand Recognition:

IT’S YOUR NAME AND YOUR LOGO! You have the ability to showcase your products at expos, hair shows and much more. Promoting your brand will give you greater visibility and brand-equity.

6. Customer Loyalty:

Clients come to you because you are great at what you do. Having your own brand will increase your level of credibility. Clients will hold your brand to a higher authority. Having your own hair care line will increase the client retention because they want what only you can provide.

7. Offer the Full Experience:

Your services and products will merge into one. No more selling and advertising other names. You’ll be able to take the same effort and use it towards advertising your own.

8. Longevity:

Maybe you don’t want to style hair or own a salon for the long haul. Even if you do, creating a brand and image for yourself will give you dividends for years to come. How nice will it be to make money while on vacation or while away from the salon? Your products can offer that residual income.

Are you interested in learning more about building a hair care empire of your own? Visit Envii Private Label to learn more or give us a call at (713)702-8187 to speak with us.

8 Ways to Retain Hair Growth Naturally

Almost everyone grows hair, that’s no secret. There may be potions and pills on the market to help you grow hair faster, but what is the point of using these supplements or applications if you don’t embrace a healthy hair care regimen? Stop spending tons of money each month on hair growth supplements and focus on methods to combat hair breakage.

This article will discuss 8 ways to retain hair growth the natural way.

Wash Hair Less Often

Yes, you read it right! If you frequently experience dry/brittle hair, limit the weekly washes. For women who have coarse or kinky hair (like myself), it takes quite a while for the natural oils to reach the ends of our hair. Washing our hair every few days prevents the natural oils from ever reaching the ends depending on how thick the hair is. In return, ends can become severely dry and brittle, which lead to breakage. Not everyone can go more than a week without washing their hair, but if you can, I highly recommend washing every week and a half to two weeks. If you wish, try using a co wash to hold you over until your next shampooing.

Shampoo Thoroughly

When wash day comes, it is imperative to wash (shampoo) your hair thoroughly. Leaving product build-up (i.e. silicone, shea butter, coconut oil) on your strands will prevent moisture from getting in. Using a deep cleansing shampoo on the scalp and hair will get rid of old product, dirt and grime. Conditioners and styling product work at their optimum strength when applied to clean hair. Think of shampoo and conditioner like magnets, the shampoo (negative charge) and the conditioner (positive charge). In order to get the best performance from your conditioner, it has to stick to the hair shaft. Only negatively charged hair can receive silky smooth results from conditioning.

Use Moisturizers

Moisturizers contain emollients, used to provide deep hydration and reduce evaporation. It is best to use products that contain one or more emollients such as glycerin, panthenol, dimethicone, aloe vera, castor oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and shea butter. Retaining hair length is contingent upon the use of moisturizing products. Try Envii’s Deep Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner to give your hair that moisture boost that it needs.

Condition, Condition, Condition

I can’t stress this enough. If you run out of shampoo before conditioner, you are using way too much shampoo or way too little conditioner. The day to day stress we put on our hair from blow drying, flat ironing, exposure to direct sunlight, combing, styling etc causes our hair to lose those important protein bonds and structure of our hair strands. Imagine that every time you style your hair little building blocks are chipped away- this is happening on a microscopic level. Conditioning your hair is one of the most important things you can do for overall growth retention. Conditioner is a “temporary” repair to the hair strands. Once the hair is “damaged” there is nothing that can reverse the effects, but the properties in conditioner adhere to the hair and coat the shaft to prevent severe damage from wear and tear. Well conditioned hair will be soft to the touch and easy to manage. If you’re looking for excellent deep moisture conditioners, check out

Alternate the Position of Ponytails/Buns

Updos are one of my favs, but that doesn’t mean that constantly wearing your hair pulled up will save your length. Hair breakage can occur from simply leaving your ponytail positioned in one spot for too long. My advice to you is to switch the positions in which you wear your ponytails or updos. Some days, wear your hair pinned up with bobby pins, other days wear a high/low ponytail or bun. In addition, it is best to wear your hair down throughout the month to reduce friction, but be mindful of snags and split ends that can occur from hair clinging to clothing. This advice also goes for parting hair and braids. It’s best to alternate positioning to reduce tension. Stress Alopecia can come from too much tension in one area of the scalp.

Braid Natural Hair

Goddess braids, two strand twists, french braids, are awesome protective styles that will save you time and hair length. I recommend refraining from the use of synthetic hair or any other material that will weight the hair down. Opt out of wearing your hair in small braids. The bigger the better because it takes less combing and manipulation to take down and detangle. Be gentle with pulling hair around the hair line since the front and side of our heads tend to be thinner and more fragile. While the hair is braided it is a good idea to spritz the hair with a moisturizing leave-in conditioner and oil the scalp to prevent or minimize flaking and itching.

Minimize Heat Styling

Heat styling is the most damaging thing that we can do to our hair. Yes, hair dye and chemical processing is damaging but heat is more damaging because of the frequency in which we use it. The use of heat styling breaks down the protein bonds in our hair which causes it to become thin, dry and brittle. If you decide to use heat styling, I highly recommend using a heat protectant. Generally a good heat protectant will contain, dimethicone, amodimethicone or grapeseed oil. It is also very important to bring proteins back to the hair. Although it is a temporary fix, it will minimize breakage and hair loss. Try using products that contain keratin protein since it is the closest match to the proteins originally found in our hair. Furthermore, heat styling should be kept to a minimum. Once or twice a month is max for me, but it also depends on your hair type. If you don’t remember anything else after reading this article, remember to use a heat protectant anytime you apply heat to your hair. Ideally your hair should always be clean. Do not apply heat to dirty hair, it just cakes on dirt and grease.

Minimize Hair Wigs/Extensions

I am not opposed to hair weaves or extensions. However, I do believe that the use is best in moderation. Hair wigs/extensions can be easy maintenance and trendy, but the they also come with a cost. If you are one of the “lucky” ones that can wear wigs and extensions frequently without breakage and thinning then a big kudos goes to you! Unfortunately, most of us aren’t that lucky. The frequent use of hair wigs/extensions block out moisture, air, and proper scalp care. The biggest aid in hair growth is a clean and healthy scalp. Hair growth can’t reach its full potential if the scalp is not catered to. In addition, the tension and weight of wigs/extensions can cause irreplaceable damage to the hair line.


All in all, the best and simplest way to retain hair length is to leave it alone. Low maintenance and premium quality products are always key to reaching your hair goals.