8 Reasons to Private Label Hair Products

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Are you a salon owner? Cosmetologist? Hair Blogger/Influencer?

Do you happen to have a ton of social media followers and/or clientele? Private labeling might be the way to go if you’re looking to increase visibility within the beauty industry and generate more revenue.

What is private label?

Private label is a product manufactured by a contracted manufacturer such as Envii Haircare. The products are sold under a retailer’s brand name. As a retailer you have the ability to choose the ingredients, determine how it’s packaged, what the label looks like- and pay to have it produced and delivered to your door. The term “private” refers to the confidentiality that is between you and the manufacturer. Have you ever purchased a store brand product (i.e. Sephora, Target or Walmart)? Most items that are purchased have been private labeled. This is why developing a brand that is unique to your client base is a huge step to increase overall success within the industry.

The beauty industry globally is a billion dollar industry. Expansion is optimal for even the smallest of salons and stylists. Creating a private label brand, sets your business apart from the competition.

1. Exclusivity:

Your brand of products will only be sold in your salon or marketplace and not through unapproved channels.

2. Cost and investment:

The use of private label formulas are generally less expensive than spending $1000 to $1500 (minimum) to formulate a product from scratch. That cost doesn’t include producing batches for you to sell or distribute. Choosing a private label formula, gives you the ability to negotiate to purchase it either in stock packaging or provide your own.

3. Time:

Creating formulas from scratch takes a tremendous amount of time and money. There are stability issues, raw material suppliers to be found and negotiated with, packaging to be tested and so much more that goes into creating a formula. In addition, you have to be sure that your formula complies with all FDA regulations. A private label formula has already gone through all the necessary details.

4. Increase Profit Margins:

With competition in the beauty industry being at an all-time high. You set and control the price your products sell for. This allows you to make a greater return on investment. As a stylist, clients will purchase products from your salon in order to maintain and or achieve the style you provided. Having a product line branded by you and for you will keep clients coming back, which boosts demand.

5. Improve Brand Recognition:

IT’S YOUR NAME AND YOUR LOGO! You have the ability to showcase your products at expos, hair shows and much more. Promoting your brand will give you greater visibility and brand-equity.

6. Customer Loyalty:

Clients come to you because you are great at what you do. Having your own brand will increase your level of credibility. Clients will hold your brand to a higher authority. Having your own hair care line will increase the client retention because they want what only you can provide.

7. Offer the Full Experience:

Your services and products will merge into one. No more selling and advertising other names. You’ll be able to take the same effort and use it towards advertising your own.

8. Longevity:

Maybe you don’t want to style hair or own a salon for the long haul. Even if you do, creating a brand and image for yourself will give you dividends for years to come. How nice will it be to make money while on vacation or while away from the salon? Your products can offer that residual income.

Are you interested in learning more about building a hair care empire of your own? Visit Envii Private Label to learn more or give us a call at (713)702-8187 to speak with us.

8 Ways to Retain Hair Growth Naturally

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Almost everyone grows hair, that’s no secret. There may be potions and pills on the market to help you grow hair faster, but what is the point of using these supplements or applications if you don’t embrace a healthy hair care regimen? Stop spending tons of money each month on hair growth supplements and focus on methods to combat hair breakage.

This article will discuss 8 ways to retain hair growth the natural way.

Wash Hair Less Often

Yes, you read it right! If you frequently experience dry/brittle hair, limit the weekly washes. For women who have coarse or kinky hair (like myself), it takes quite a while for the natural oils to reach the ends of our hair. Washing our hair every few days prevents the natural oils from ever reaching the ends depending on how thick the hair is. In return, ends can become severely dry and brittle, which lead to breakage. Not everyone can go more than a week without washing their hair, but if you can, I highly recommend washing every week and a half to two weeks. If you wish, try using a co wash to hold you over until your next shampooing.

Shampoo Thoroughly

When wash day comes, it is imperative to wash (shampoo) your hair thoroughly. Leaving product build-up (i.e. silicone, shea butter, coconut oil) on your strands will prevent moisture from getting in. Using a deep cleansing shampoo on the scalp and hair will get rid of old product, dirt and grime. Conditioners and styling product work at their optimum strength when applied to clean hair. Think of shampoo and conditioner like magnets, the shampoo (negative charge) and the conditioner (positive charge). In order to get the best performance from your conditioner, it has to stick to the hair shaft. Only negatively charged hair can receive silky smooth results from conditioning.

Use Moisturizers

Moisturizers contain emollients, used to provide deep hydration and reduce evaporation. It is best to use products that contain one or more emollients such as glycerin, panthenol, dimethicone, aloe vera, castor oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and shea butter. Retaining hair length is contingent upon the use of moisturizing products. Try Envii’s Deep Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner to give your hair that moisture boost that it needs.

Condition, Condition, Condition

I can’t stress this enough. If you run out of shampoo before conditioner, you are using way too much shampoo or way too little conditioner. The day to day stress we put on our hair from blow drying, flat ironing, exposure to direct sunlight, combing, styling etc causes our hair to lose those important protein bonds and structure of our hair strands. Imagine that every time you style your hair little building blocks are chipped away- this is happening on a microscopic level. Conditioning your hair is one of the most important things you can do for overall growth retention. Conditioner is a “temporary” repair to the hair strands. Once the hair is “damaged” there is nothing that can reverse the effects, but the properties in conditioner adhere to the hair and coat the shaft to prevent severe damage from wear and tear. Well conditioned hair will be soft to the touch and easy to manage. If you’re looking for excellent deep moisture conditioners, check out www.enviihaircare.com.

Alternate the Position of Ponytails/Buns

Updos are one of my favs, but that doesn’t mean that constantly wearing your hair pulled up will save your length. Hair breakage can occur from simply leaving your ponytail positioned in one spot for too long. My advice to you is to switch the positions in which you wear your ponytails or updos. Some days, wear your hair pinned up with bobby pins, other days wear a high/low ponytail or bun. In addition, it is best to wear your hair down throughout the month to reduce friction, but be mindful of snags and split ends that can occur from hair clinging to clothing. This advice also goes for parting hair and braids. It’s best to alternate positioning to reduce tension. Stress Alopecia can come from too much tension in one area of the scalp.

Braid Natural Hair

Goddess braids, two strand twists, french braids, are awesome protective styles that will save you time and hair length. I recommend refraining from the use of synthetic hair or any other material that will weight the hair down. Opt out of wearing your hair in small braids. The bigger the better because it takes less combing and manipulation to take down and detangle. Be gentle with pulling hair around the hair line since the front and side of our heads tend to be thinner and more fragile. While the hair is braided it is a good idea to spritz the hair with a moisturizing leave-in conditioner and oil the scalp to prevent or minimize flaking and itching.

Minimize Heat Styling

Heat styling is the most damaging thing that we can do to our hair. Yes, hair dye and chemical processing is damaging but heat is more damaging because of the frequency in which we use it. The use of heat styling breaks down the protein bonds in our hair which causes it to become thin, dry and brittle. If you decide to use heat styling, I highly recommend using a heat protectant. Generally a good heat protectant will contain, dimethicone, amodimethicone or grapeseed oil. It is also very important to bring proteins back to the hair. Although it is a temporary fix, it will minimize breakage and hair loss. Try using products that contain keratin protein since it is the closest match to the proteins originally found in our hair. Furthermore, heat styling should be kept to a minimum. Once or twice a month is max for me, but it also depends on your hair type. If you don’t remember anything else after reading this article, remember to use a heat protectant anytime you apply heat to your hair. Ideally your hair should always be clean. Do not apply heat to dirty hair, it just cakes on dirt and grease.

Minimize Hair Wigs/Extensions

I am not opposed to hair weaves or extensions. However, I do believe that the use is best in moderation. Hair wigs/extensions can be easy maintenance and trendy, but the they also come with a cost. If you are one of the “lucky” ones that can wear wigs and extensions frequently without breakage and thinning then a big kudos goes to you! Unfortunately, most of us aren’t that lucky. The frequent use of hair wigs/extensions block out moisture, air, and proper scalp care. The biggest aid in hair growth is a clean and healthy scalp. Hair growth can’t reach its full potential if the scalp is not catered to. In addition, the tension and weight of wigs/extensions can cause irreplaceable damage to the hair line.


All in all, the best and simplest way to retain hair length is to leave it alone. Low maintenance and premium quality products are always key to reaching your hair goals.


What it's Like Managing a Career and Start Up Business

My Reality: Managing a Career and Start Up Business

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It’s almost impossible to scroll social media and the internet without seeing inspirational quotes from successful business owners and those who aspire to become one. You may follow entrepreneurs, successful actors and musicians online and gawk at the lifestyle they are living and ask yourself, “what will it take for me to have a fabulous life or live worry-free?” We live in an age where we are exposed to an information-overload. We are pressured to aim high and shoot for the moon. We are bombarded with those who claim they are their own boss. But what does it really mean to be your own boss? Is it what social media and our peers make it out to be? Should one really seek out an opportunity to venture into the world on their own?

In late 2015, I graduated with my MBA and decided that I would become a problem-solver. I initially pursued my master’s degree with one goal in mind; to be considered for advancement opportunities within the organization I work for. I wanted to become more knowledgeable in finance and project management so that I could move up the corporate ladder. I never dreamed of owning my own business or starting one. A few years ago, my dream was to get married, have kids by 28 and to continue climbing that ladder everyone speaks so highly about. Needless to say, I am almost 31, unmarried and childless. The good news is that I am climbing the corporate ladder all while growing my own business and brand.

So what sparked my entrepreneurship?

A month before graduation, I scheduled lunch with a VP at the company I work for to discuss possible advancement opportunities. After all, I kept being told that once I obtain my MBA, “the world would be my oyster.” During lunch, the VP said he was sure that after I complete my MBA program he could find me a better position, but it would only yield an extra $10k in salary. After hearing what I thought at the time to be the worst news ever, I left that conversation feeling like I owe it to myself to strive for more and to not let someone or a company dictate to me, what I am worth. I’ve spent countless hours of test taking, completing research papers and acquiring more student loan debt to just settle for an extra $10k or $15k extra over the course of a few years. Heck, I’ve worked way too hard to settle for any amount of money a Corporation can offer me- Just for them to call me into Human Resources and hand me my “walking papers” at any given time.

Let’s fast forward to now, the beginning of 2017. I am fortunate to have obtained my MBA with a concentration in Project Management and I currently work as a Director of Project Management for the same company. Needless to say, my dream of climbing the corporate ladder came true, as my “want” for more became greater. I didn’t allow my promotion and raise to make me content. I utilize the additional income and put everything I earn towards research and expanding my own company, Envii Haircare LLC, where I sell my own premium quality handmade hair care products. I also work as a wardrobe stylist part-time in order to sharpen up my customer service and networking skills. When starting your own business, you can never have enough money. Whoever came up with the statement, “it takes money to make money” was spot on. I thought just having one job was enough, I was wrong.

This leads me to the million dollar question- What does it really take to be an entrepreneur?

Envii Haircare LLC, Premium Quality Handmade Hair Care Products.

To me, being an entrepreneur means that you NEVER GIVE UP. It also means spending every penny you have to bring your hopes and dreams into fruition. Starting a business has more downs than ups for most of us. I’d love to step out on faith and solely spend time growing my business, but once again, “it takes money to make money.” Being an entrepreneur means, putting your business first and family second. It also means creating environments of stressful urgency. Start-ups rarely get anything done in a relaxed environment. For example, Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, was notorious for pushing his team beyond its limits by setting seemingly unrealistic timeliness. As a result, his company created products quicker than they had ever imagined was possible and thus gained a huge competitive advantage over rival companies like IBM.

Envii Haircare was founded in late 2015 and began operating in mid 2016. Being a career woman, wardrobe stylist, chemist, sales associate, accountant, marketer, help desk agent, customer service representative, supply chain manager, etc is overwhelming. As an owner of a start-up, you have to play ALL positions and there are NO days off! Let’s not forget family…. So before you let the glamorous life of social media gurus and celebrities paint this pretty picture of what it’s like being your own boss, just know that you you’ll always have a BOSS- the customer/client. Business never sleeps and as an entrepreneur, neither do you.



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Natural Hair, Natural Hair Journey, Hair Growth

Why Having Alopecia Didn’t Stop Me

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What a difference time can make.

Natural Hair, Natural Hair Journey, Hair Growth

Left image (Big Chop) and Right image (Hair Growth)

The photo on the left is the only photo I have of me when I decided to be brave and go through with the Big Chop on December 21, 2015. I absolutely hated how short my hair was! I thought that I was going to have a short cut with waves and a fine texture like Jada Pinkett-Smith…

To my surprise- that didn’t happen…

Some parts were curly while other sections were wavy and straight. I wore wigs until my hair grew to a more manageable state (about 6 or 7 inches). Not only did I hate having my hair cut so short, having Alopecia made me afraid. Every year since 2007 I’d find quarter-sized bald spots in the back of my head.

What if everyone noticed? How does someone with Alopecia start their hair growth journey when chunks of hair fall out at unforeseen moments? What if people noticed? Would they laugh?

I grew up never knowing my true hair texture until I decided to “go natural.” Going natural was a huge test of confidence for me. Here I was thinking that I had fine textured hair for 26 years of my life. Only to find out that I had coarse unruly hair in which some sections were semi-curly, loose curls, tight curls and coarse zip-zag shaped strands.

My hair wasn’t perfect like the models and countless natural hair bloggers I’d seen on YouTube and Instagram.
After a year of wearing wigs and braids, 2013 was the year that I felt brave enough to be myself and battle the realm of uncertainty. I studied various natural hair styles and found what worked best for me. My go-to style was the Fro-hawk.

Afro, Fro-hawk, Natural Hair

My Fro-hawk in 2014

I remember spending hundreds of dollars every month or month and a half on natural hair products. I went through the dreaded “wash ‘n’ go” attempts. I must say, the phrase “wash ‘n’ go” is completely misleading. I watched tons of video tutorials on “how to perfect your wash ‘n’ go.” That didn’t work for me. I have what is known to some natural hair enthusiasts as 4b/4c hair type. Most products catered to women and men with 1a to 3b hair types. I tried co-washing, I tried curl puddings and all the other products that were on the market. For the most part, my hair was still dry and brittle and if I didn’t experience dryness I dealt with product build up, flaking, and looking like I had a Jerri Curl. I spent day in and day out researching natural alternatives to store bought hair products because I knew something had to give me relief.

I had hundreds of questions- what does natural mean? Has the FDA defined what is considered a natural ingredient? Am I getting ripped off?

All these hair companies kept saying how their products help your hair retain moisture and combat frizz. If so, they must not be addressing us women with 4b/4c hair types because my hair was the definition of dry. I was faced with either continuing to spend my hard earned money looking for that “miracle” product or put my Bachelor Degree in Chemistry to use and work day and night to create a product that truly worked for my hair. I started with determining what ingredients my hair didn’t need and deciphering what each ingredients intended purpose was. I knew that I wanted to create a product line with a focus on essential oils. Although the use of essential oils are pricier than extracts (found in most products), I discovered that extracts don’t provide “true” moisture. Pure essential oils have medicinal properties along with several benefits for hair growth, healing scalp conditions and moisturizing hair. I’ll save my product creation journey for another post…

After countless trial and error events, I mastered what worked for my hair and I figured that if it works for my coarse and brittle hair, it has to work for others like me.

Natural Hair, Long Hair, Healthy Hair Now back to my Alopecia. Between 2007 and 2012 I experienced balding in different parts of my head ranging from a nickle to a quarter in size. I always wore weaves and wigs when my hair would fall out. I didn’t know if Alopecia was common and if it was a curable condition. I wondered if I was doing something wrong and endlessly stressed myself out with trying to guess when I was going to lose a patch of my hair again. Wash day was always dreadful. After I decided to give relaxers and other forms of chemical processing a break, I became very protective of my hair and scalp. I learned to love my hair and I began treating it very delicate as if it were a prized possession. I thought to myself, if we are apart of the earth, then why wouldn’t consuming things of the earth replenish what was lost? Alopecia doesn’t go away, but I learned how to treat the condition. It has been almost 5 years since my last bald spot. There are a few lifestyle changes that I believe is attributed to my Alopecia lying dormant for all these years, but one of them without a doubt is the use of my hair care line that was created to combat severely dry and brittle hair.

If you’re interested in learning more about my premium quality handmade hair care line, please visit www.enviihaircare.com.


Do you suffer from Alopecia?

Did you experience similar events?

I’d love to know about your hair journey!

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Sulfate free shampoo

8 Reasons to Avoid Sulfates in Your Shampoo

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Did you know that sulfates can be found in shampoos, toothpastes, soaps, mouthwashes, lotions and bodywashes?

sulfate-shampooSulfates are inexpensive chemicals that have been used for decades in personal care products and much more. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is one of many surfactants which is used to break surface tension and separate molecules in order to allow better interaction between the product and your hair. This reduction in surface tension is what produces a rich lather that most us have grown to enjoy.

Surprisingly, on average, women add more than 200 chemicals to their skin daily. More than 60% of the chemicals that are applied to the body become absorbed into the bloodstream. Combine this with the use of hygiene and hair care products, there’s no surprise that people are scrambling to find a natural alternative. 

Although there has been conflicting reports surrounding whether or not sulfate is a carcinogen, it is very important to focus on the fact that there are many reasons why they aren’t good for you or your hair. 

Reasons to avoid Sulfates: 

  • Sulfates are an irritant to your skin, hair, and eyes.
  • Sulfates strip your hair of essential oils, which leads to dry and brittle hair.
  • Emits toxic fumes 
  • Sulfates are a penetration enhancer, which means that it can be absorbed into the skin and reach blood stream quick 
  • Continuous use of shampoos that contain sulfates have the potential to cause long-term damage to your hair.
  • A number of shampoos have a high concentration of sulfates that range between 10%-30%. Even at .5% concentration, it has been proven to have the potential to act as an irritant.
  • The use of sulfates can lead to tangled hair and split ends.
  • Sulfates can lead to color fading and hair loss. 

Benefits of using a Sulfate-free Shampoo:

rose shampoo, sulfate-free shampoo, handmade shampoo, Jasmine shampoo, Geranium shampoo

Envii Haircare Deep Moisture Shampoo


  • Relieves scalp irritation
  • Prolongs vivid hair color
  • Allows hair to retain moisture
  • Doesn’t completely strip away essential oils 
  • Improves manageability and thickness of hair
  • Prevents the scalp from absorbing harmful chemicals

If you are looking to improve the condition of your scalp and hair, look towards sulfate-free shampoo. Envii Haircare’s Deep Moisture Shampoo is sulfate-free and contains all the essential oils needed to retain moisture and hair growth.


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Is it Time to Toss Your Beauty Products?

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Have you conducted a clean sweep of your medicine cabinet or bathroom shelves lately?

Probably not…

There are a number of reasons to consider throwing out that purple eyeshadow you’ll never wear again. Chances are, that shampoo bottle way in the back won’t be used anytime soon.

So why hold on to beauty products for so long?

Most of us hold on to our beauty products for the following reasons:

1. Fairly expensive
2. We’ll get around to using them
3. Holding out for a special occasion
4. Couldn’t miss out on a great sale
5. Product didn’t work well the first time, but maybe it’ll work later.

Regardless of the reason, it is important to know when to throw away those items. Most beauty products are designed and formulated to stay fresh and stable for a limited period of time. After some time, that face cream or hair conditioner may begin to break down, change color, texture, or smell. This occurs due to the chemical changes taking place inside the product. Beauty products are formulated to perform a specific job and once the chemical composition changes, so does the benefit and outcome. These chemical changes can lead to allergens, infections and illness. Just because you can’t see physical changes take place within a product doesn’t mean it’s safe for use. Microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, and fungi can be invading your items. Most cosmetics and personal care products undergo stability and preservative efficacy to ensure that the products have an extended self life.

But, do you know the shelf life of your products?

Probably not…

That carton holding your facial mask was more than likely thrown in the trash prior to the first use. The label on the back or underneath your shampoo bottle hasn’t been checked. The company website FAQ hasn’t been read. These are a few reasons for why you probably don’t know when to ditch those old cosmetics. Many cosmetic companies display their ingredients and instructions on the box instead of the actual item container. One reason is because, they know you’ll throw it away.

Now your brain is starting to comprehend! Don’t just read this article, you should really go pick that box up that you just threw away. Now turn it around and you should see a container icon with a number displayed inside of it. Don’t see it? It’s okay, check the container the product is housed in. Still don’t see it? Final step, check the website. The number you see is the number of months the product is good for (amazed yet?).


Beauty products’ shelf life varies based on formulas and functions. For example, mascara is typically good for up to 3 months while your body lotion may last for 24 months. Here is a comprehensive rule of thumb for some beauty products:

  • Mascara- 3 months 
  • Foundation- 6 months to 12 months 
  • Lipgloss/Lipstick- 6 months 
  • Eyeshadow- 12 month to 24 months  
  • Hair care products- 6 months to 24 months (depending on preservatives used) 

Of course, keeping products in a cool and dry place will prolong the shelf life.

If you are ever in doubt, throw it out.

Bottom line, try to refrain from hoarding or becoming a “Product Junkie.” If the skin or hair care product is effective, you won’t need a cosmetic case or shelf stocked full of unused products.



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5 Best Essential Oils to Combat Dry Brittle Hair

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So many of us suffer with dry and brittle hair. Battling dry hair can be a life long journey for those with highly textured hair. In addition, the use of heat styling tools and chemical treatments can eventually cause split ends and dry unruly hair. 

So what kind of hair care products  should someone with moderate to severely dry hair use? The most important thing to look for is the use of pure essential and carrier oils as ingredients in your products. Do not confuse extracts with oils, as they are soaked in alcohol and are more diluted. In order to help you out with your next hair care purchase  we’ve created a list of the 5 best essential oils to add and retain moisture to your strands. 

Roman Chamomile Oil 

This essential oil is best for dry brittle hair and adds shine to dark hair. It conditions and greatly improves softness and luster. 

Geranium Oil 

The use of geranium essential oil breathes new life into dull and limp hair. Contains antioxidants that repair damaged hair and add shine to dull locks. 

Rose Oil 

Rose oil keeps hair moisturized and prevents dehydration. 

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass essential oil helps to gain thick and lustrous hair. It is a natural moisturizer and can prevent dry scalp and dandruff.

Sandalwood Oil 

This essential oil moisturizes and hydrates dry flaky skin. Nourishes dry hair and helps prevent dry ends and unruly hair. 


Next time you are in the market for premium quality hair care products  check out Envii Haircare. We provide a full range of premium quality handmade hair care products that are formulated to give you stronger, longer and healthier hair.


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6 Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth

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Do you struggle with hair growth or retaining length?

Well, you’re not alone!

Although genetics play a huge role in the rate in which your hair grows, there are still some proven methods in which you can stimulate hair follicles and generate new cell growth.

There is no secret to the role essential oils play when it pertains to our health and healing, but did you know that essential oils also serve as a major component to achieving stronger, longer and healthier hair?  Check out the top winners for hair growth, below:


Rosemary essential oil treats dry and scaly scalp while stimulating hair follicles. As a result, hair will grow longer and stronger.


Lavender essential oil is quite popular for its soothing and therapeutic properties, but it also is known to promote hair growth. This oil is excellent for preventing itching and dandruff. In addition, it reduces hair loss and makes hair soft and shiny.


Eucalyptus essential oil stimulates hair follicles. It works to bring down inflammation in the scalp which creates an ideal environment for hair growth.

there are still some proven methods in which you can stimulate hair follicles and generate new cell growth.


Sandalwood essential oil moisturizes and hydrates dry flaky skin. Stimulates hair growth and promotes luscious locks. This wonderful oil also nourishes dry and unruly hair.


Grapefruit essential oil promotes healthy hair and hair regrowth. It also leaves the hair shiny and lustrous. Acts as a de-tangler and is full of vitamin C.


Neroli essential oil is an exotic oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. This oil ranks high on the list for hair benefits, but is quite expensive. Neroli helps keep the scalp clean with its antibacterial properties and promotes the generation of new cells. There are several reasons to consider including this oil into your hair regimen.

If you are in the market for hair care products that contain these essential oils, try Envii Haircare’s products. Each product is formulated and designed to optimize hair growth and retain moisture.

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How Heat Protectants Save Your Hair

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jasro milk and hair butter

Envii Haircare’s Jasro Milk Leave-In Conditioner and Shae & Mango Hair Butter

Do heat protectants really protect your hair from heat? Or are they just another gimmick used to take your money?

One of the worst things that you can do to your hair is apply heat to it. Heat styling, although highly damaging is a way of life for many of us. We spend hours each week blow drying, curling and flat ironing our strands. It does not appear to be an end in sight! So what can we do to minimize the effects of heat on our hair follicles? You’ve more than likely heard someone say, “my hair isn’t heat damaged or my hair is heat damaged.” My question is how can you tell? Heat damage can occur instantly upon impact whether you see changes to your hair texture or not. Just because your hair curls right back up or you don’t smell your hair frying like an egg after the use of heat does not mean that the damage is not already done.

There are numerous heat protectants on the market that claim to protect your strands from vigorous heat. How do you know if they will truly work?


Any protectant with silicone listed as one of the first five ingredients is going to give your hair the needed protection. Silicones such as dimethicone and amodimethicone are commonly used in most heat styling products. Dimethicone is an anti-foaming agent skin protectant that conditions skin and hair. This silicone-based polymer prevents water loss by forming a hydrating barrier on the skin and hair. It creates a subtle gloss that feels smooth and silky. Amodimethicone is an excellent conditioning and softening property that are found in many premium quality heat protectants such as Envii’s Jasro Milk Leave-In Conditioner. This silicone is modified to better adhere to hair strands, seals moisture inside the hair shaft and protects from thermal damage. Silicones form a thin film around the hair follicles in order to retain moisture and lock out heat. There are some sources that describe silicones as an ingredient to avoid, but if you look at their conditioning properties and abundant protection from heat, you will discover that the build up from silicones is what’s actually protecting your hair! Any product that acts as a heat protectant will need to be washed out thoroughly before applying more. You always want to add silicone-based products to clean dry hair.

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are natural oils that are used to dilute essential oils. There are a few carrier oils that give your hair thermal protection. Grape seed oil is by far the carrier oil of choice when it comes to added heat protection. Grape seed oil is well known for its high smoking point. Carrier oils should be used in conjunction with a silicone-based product in order to receive optimal protection. Silicones, unlike oil can act alone, but oils will need to be combined with another heat protecting ingredient.

…you will discover that the build up from silicones is what’s actually protecting your hair!

Best Practice 

Overall, heat is the leading cause of dry and damaged hair. To combat moderate to severely dry hair caused by thermal styling and chemical treatments, try Envii Haircare Products. When applying heat to your hair it is best to apply heat protectant product on clean dry hair to ensure that the product bonds to the hair follicles. Refrain from using heat more than twice a month. If you insist on using heat styling tools more than that, then it is best to stock up on plenty of deep moisture products and heat protectant!

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